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Afrihealth is on a mission to positively change healthcare from the ground up by redesigning the healthcare space through a direct harmony between the doctor and the patient.
We believe that universal access to healthcare is only possible through the synergy between the best of science and humanities.

7 Tips to Stop Smoking Now
Smoking is a major health concern worldwide, and quitting is one of the best decisions you...
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World Malaria Day: Combatting Malaria in Nigeria with Rigour+
Every year, World Malaria Day on April 25th serves as a crucial reminder of the global efforts...
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3 Healthy Ways to Boost Your Employees’ Performance
Dear HR, worried that your employees are in a rut? Maintaining high levels of employee performance...
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Mayowa x Jade Valentine's Day special interview1-min
Valentine's Day special interview. - Rigour+ Love Birds
Meet Mayowa and Jadesola, our Rigour+ love birds. Share a funny memory from your first...
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3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health in Nigeria
3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health in Nigeria
In the hustle and bustle of Nigerian life, and with the recent economic downturn and other...
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Obtaining Your Prescription After a Rigour+ App Consultation
Getting a prescription is easier now with digital health. The Rigour+ app is a convenient...
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picture showing a black male heads down. Depicting mental stress
Empowering Mental Well-being: Combat Stress and Depression
In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the prevalence of mental stress and depression has...
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4 things you should know before you book a doctor iamge
Before You Book a Doctor Online: 4 Essential Considerations
  The convenience of booking a doctor online has become a game-changer. However, before...
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10 healthcare companies in Nigeria 2024
10 best health-tech companies in Nigeria in 2024
  The Nigerian healthcare is a regrowing hydra, where even though the country is emerging...
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a flyer that describes instructions and the activities of the Rigour+ baby of the year campaign
AfriHealth Launches "Rigour+ Baby of The Year" Campaign
  Win an exciting move to celebrate the joy of new beginnings, AfriHealth, a leading...
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