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Afrihealth is on a mission to positively change healthcare from the ground up by redesigning the healthcare space through a direct harmony between the doctor and the patient.
We believe that universal access to healthcare is only possible through the synergy between the best of science and humanities.

Flexible plans.

Choose the health plan that works for you

Scholar Plan

₦3,500 Monthly

Our Scholar Plan is designed for all students regardless of their level or institution type

Padi Plan

₦7,500 Monthly

Our Padi Plan is targeted at an average individual

Maternity Plus Plan

₦25,000 Monthly

Our New Mum Plan is designed for both new and expecting mothers

Senior Citizen Plan

₦50,000 Monthly

Our Senior Citizen Plan caters for all our aged ones and ensure they get quality health care at all times

Family Care Plan

₦60,000 Monthly

Our Prestige plan covers a wide-range of offerings and ensures you get the best value for your money

Enquiries about bespoke and/or corporate plans?

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