a flyer that describes instructions and the activities of the Rigour+ baby of the year campaign


Win an exciting move to celebrate the joy of new beginnings, AfriHealth, a leading healthcare provider in Africa, has unveiled its much-anticipated “Rigour+ Baby of The Year” campaign. This initiative aims to highlight and honor the newest members of families across the continent while promoting the importance of comprehensive healthcare for mothers and infants.


Celebrating New Life with Rigour+

The “Rigour+ Baby of The Year” campaign is a testament to AfriHealth’s commitment to fostering a healthier future for Africa’s youngest citizens. By recognizing the newest additions to families, AfriHealth aims to emphasize the significance of rigorous healthcare practices during pregnancy, childbirth, and infancy.

At Afri-Health, we’ve nurtured a dynamic community of over 1000 new moms who are wholeheartedly embracing the beautiful journey of motherhood. As a token of gratitude for their trust and active engagement, we are reaching out to our new moms to celebrate their precious little ones. 


Empowering Families Through Comprehensive Care

Rigour+ is designed to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions for expectant mothers and newborns. This includes a range of services such as prenatal care, postnatal support, vaccinations, and personalized healthcare plans tailored to the unique needs of both mother and child.

The campaign underscores AfriHealth’s dedication to empowering families with the knowledge and resources necessary for a healthy start. Rigour+ not only focuses on physical health but also emphasizes the importance of mental and emotional well-being during this crucial phase of life.



How “Rigour+ Baby of The Year” Works

The “Rigour+ Baby of The Year” campaign invites moms across the continent to share heartwarming pictures of their babies to celebrate the beauty of new life, AfriHealth encourages families to participate by;


1. Take a creative video or picture of your cute baby.

2. Upload on Instagram and tag us on Instagram @AfriHealth and @Rigour+ also use the hashtag #Rigourplusbaby to get started.

3. Send a screenshot confirming your consultation on the Rigour+ app to us on Instagram.


Stage 2 will feature the selection of the top 5 babies with the most votes, and the Rigour+ community will have the opportunity to cast their votes for them on our Rigour+ page.

Ultimately, we will announce the top 3 babies who have secured the highest number of votes. Your active participation makes all the difference in making this celebration truly special!


Promoting a Healthy Future

Through this campaign, AfriHealth aims not only to celebrate the birth of precious new lives but also to create awareness about the importance of paying attention to new moms’ health. By sharing pictures of cute babies, promoting consultation on the app, and our New Moms plan, we seek to prioritize New moms’ health and well-being through our Rigour+ Baby of the Year campaign.  


Join the Celebration

AfriHealth invites every new mom across Africa to join in the celebration of the “Rigour+ Baby of The Year” campaign. By participating, people can contribute to a collective effort to promote a healthier and happier future for the continent’s newest generation.

In the spirit of embracing new beginnings, AfriHealth looks forward to witnessing the heartwarming pictures that will emerge from the “Rigour+ Baby of The Year” campaign, as it continues its mission to make comprehensive healthcare accessible to all.