Growth & Expansion Manager

Afrihealth is seeking an exceptional Growth & Expansion Manager to lead the charge for our innovative product, Rigour+. This is a unique opportunity for a dynamic individual with a blend of expertise in growth hacking and strategic marketing in the tech space. Responsibilities: Growth Responsibilities: Spearhead growth initiatives, identifying and exploiting new channels for user […]

Business Development Manager

Afrihealth is seeking an exceptional Business Development Manager for Health Management Plans who will play a key role in driving sales, building strategic partnerships, and expanding our presence in the health tech sector. This position requires a seasoned sales professional with a deep understanding of health management plans, a passion for healthcare technology, and a […]

When Your Body Becomes a Brewery

When your body becomes a brewery

Imagine waking up one day feeling like you’ve had a wild night of drinking, even though you’ve been completely sober. It might sound like a plot from a science fiction movie, but for a small group of people, this is an everyday reality due to a rare and fascinating condition known as Auto-Brewery Syndrome (ABS). […]